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Marty's link to the article about this  new bird species didn't come through 
on my digest.  Here is another try in  case anyone else had the same problem.  
If the link doesn't work, just  google the phrase Smithsonian scientists 
discover new bird  species.

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Smithsonian scientists discover new bird  species Scientists at the 
Smithsonian Institution have discovered a new species  of bird in Gabon, Africa, that 
was, until now, unknown to the scientific  community. Their findings were 
published in the international science journal  Zootaxa today, Aug. 15.

Never heard of a link that would not at least show up in a  post, even with a 
little garbage added at beginning and end, but i can't see or  use this 1.  
I'll try to pass it on a couple of different  ways:
(http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-08/s-ssd081508.php) "
1 of those should work - delete anything before the first H or after the  
last P
Don Morgan

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