[CT Birds] sightings with question on ID

Sunshine sunny19682 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 1 19:14:34 EDT 2008

Hi folks


Was down at Branford Center Cemetery today where a small raptor was sighted
flying over chasing sparrows.  I'm thinking a Merlin due to size and dark
coloration (bird about the size of a mourning dove) but my photo isn't all
that great to solidify the ID.  


Also seen, 4 Bald Eagles - 1 second year sub adult and 3 juveniles, at least
10 Ospreys fishing as well as Great and Snowy Egrets



Later in the day at the same location, my friend was able to capture
pictures of an unusual duck that we had sighted but were unable to
photograph.  I'm thinking a mallard with a lot of white on it (head and


All photos posted in Webshots under Merlin and white headed duck




Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Donna Lorello


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