[CT Birds] Low Lights

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Oct 2 21:40:15 EDT 2008

Hi Folks

This is just background information. In case you wee wondering wast  
was going on while you were preoccupied with obligations The most  
unexpected bird was the Glossy Ibis at Shachem's Head Rd.

Dennis Varza

Old Lyme, Griswald Pt. 1:20 Strong NW wind. Heavy waves breaking on  
Red-breasted Merganser		1
American Kestrel		1
Double-crested Cormorant	3
Great Egret	4
Semipalmated Sandpiper		4
Ring-billed Gull		5
Herring Gull	7/1
Great Black-backed Gull1/1

Madison, Hammonasset St. Pk. 2:50
Guilford, Sachem’s Head Rd. 3:45
Canada Goose	30—0
American Black Duck	14—31
Mallard		0—6
Osprey	2—1
Double-crested Cormorant	1—1
Great Egret	4—0
Snowy Egret	4—8
Glossy Ibis0—1
Killdeer	16—0
American Golden Plover	1—0
Greater Yellowlegs0—45
Short-billed Dowitcher	0—1
Laughing Gull	16/3—0
Ring-billed Gull	50/8—0
Herring Gull	73/13—0
Great Black-backed Gull	9/6—0
Forster's Tern	2—0

Guilford, Shell Beach Rd. 4:00
Only 3 Snowy Egret

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