[CT Birds] robin roosts

corrine.folsom at yale.edu corrine.folsom at yale.edu
Fri Oct 3 14:05:55 EDT 2008

Hi all,

   Kind of interesting.  This week, in a matter of approximately 2 days, the
vast majority of the robins at the two largest roosts I know of in New Haven
(approx. 1000 and 1500 birds), are on their way south.  Tuesday night, most of
the birds were still around, by Thursday morning their numbers were noticeably
lower.  This morning I saw only about 20 robins leave the roost.  It just
amazes me how quickly they've begun their migration.  I look forward to seeing
them again come spring.

Corrie Folsom
Diuk-Wasser lab
Yale School of Public Health

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