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Sat Oct 4 21:04:56 EDT 2008

Hi All,

October 3rd was the first day without any hummingbirds present  in the yard since the last week in April!  I had seen the young male right up to dusk October 2nd.  But far be it for me to be entirely hummer less because I immediately received one into rehabilitation from the Marlborough area. This female is thin at 2.7 grams and is very, very sick with what I think is a fungal infection. Not sure I am going to be able to turn her around.

Today brought  a pair of eastern phoebes who were spending a lot of time in and around the pavilion, along with yellow rumped warblers,  common yellow throats, swamp sparrow,  rose breasted grosbeak, and a yellow bellied sapsucker.  Had a couple of flickers too, they may of been  my releases from several weeks back. Still have a good handful of catbirds and abundant chipping sparrows (20-30 easy) still here.  I was sure I heard a junco today but could not locate the bird. Goldfinches are still feeding their young. 

As I stepped outside this morning the first thing I saw and heard was a crow and a sharpy wrestling in the sky. The crow could not get above the sharpy and every time it attempted to the sharpy would dive and grab with it's feet at the crows back. This went on for several times before they went behind trees.

Jayne Amico/Southington

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