[CT Birds] Fox Sparrow

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Wed Oct 8 14:47:36 EDT 2008

There was a Fox Sparrow in the power line cut in Shelton this morning. The  
bird was in the section to the South of Route 108. I am glad that Greg H. also  
reported one, as I was thinking that I must have been suffering from a 
delusion,  since it is so early. After getting home, I checked "Connecticut Birds"  
(Zernaski and Baptist) and they give the earliest reported fall arrival date 
as  October 8, 1980. So, today's birds tied that record.
Penny Solum and I checked quite a bit of the power line, but there was  
little else to be seen other than the more common Swamp, White-throated and Song  
Sparrows. We saw only 4 warbler species today: Common Yellowthroat, Palm,  
Yellow-rumped and Magnolia.  A Blue-headed Vireo was singing early, but we  could 
not see it. There were at least 6 Ruby-crowned Kinglets and numerous Blue  
Jays, all going South. Robins were also numerous in the woods and along some of  
the side roads, feeding on berries.
Charlie Barnard

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