[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point - Birds in the woods, Tue, 10/7

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Wed Oct 8 21:29:45 EDT 2008

Location:     Lighthouse Point Park
Observation  date:     10/7/08
Notes:     Obviously does not  include raptors seen before or after at the 
Hawk Watch
Number of  species:     28

Osprey     1
Red-bellied  Woodpecker     X
Eastern Phoebe      X
Blue-headed Vireo     1
Blue Jay      X
American Crow     X
Fish Crow      X
Black-capped Chickadee     X
Tufted Titmouse   X
White-breasted Nuthatch     X
Brown  Creeper     1
Carolina Wren      X
Golden-crowned Kinglet     4
Ruby-crowned Kinglet   1
Hermit Thrush     1
American Robin   X
Gray Catbird     X
Northern  Mockingbird     X
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)   X
BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER     3    Initially mis-ID'd by me til I looked them up
Palm Warbler      X
Common Yellowthroat     X
Eastern Towhee   X
Savannah Sparrow     X
Song Sparrow   X
Swamp Sparrow     X
White-throated  Sparrow     X
Northern Cardinal     X
Don Morgan

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