[CT Birds] Paucity of birds on LI Sound

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I've also noticed a lot of hunting around recently.  Both bow and rifle hunters.  I am really interested in the legality of hunting the waters between Long Beach and Great Meadow Marsh and the marsh itself.  The instances when I am down there and I hear gunshots, see camo covered guys in dingies, or see people in pursuit of Long-tails seems to be on the rise.  I have no problem with hunting...its been a huge part of human life forever.  But when I go to view birds, and people are trying to kill those birds for fun, thats pretty frustrating.  Especially if that location is 'protected'.   There are tons of spent shells all over the paths of the GMM and Long Beach.  I surely hope there is another reason for lower waterfowl numbers than hunting.    -Brian Webster-

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In response to Jamie Meyer's posting,I have seen and heard many,many duck hunters(not the bird watching kind)this season.Could this be one contributing factor? I wonder if the number of issued hunting licenses is up this year.
Tina Green 
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