[CT Birds] 1/5 -birds Old Saybrook/Old Lyme/ where are the horned grebes?

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Mon Jan 5 18:02:35 EST 2009

1/5 -  highlights from birding Old Saybrook and Old Lyme between 2PM and 
4:30PM today:

No. Cove -not much there as there is very little open water

So. Cove - same as North Cove, except there were a few bufflehead

Dock and Dine Rest. at mouth of CT River - 9 LONG-TAILED DUCKS,
       2 red-throated loon, 6 c. loon, 14 c. goldeneye, 10 bufflehead,
       6 red-breasted mergs

Fenwick section, some brushy and grassy areas - 2 yellow-rumped warblers, 3 
Am. tree sparrows, many white-throated and song sparrows

I-95 Baldwin Bridge -- perched on the east tower, 2 PEREGRINE FALCONS

boat launch at Great Island (Old Lyme) --  it was almost dark but I spotted 1 
no. harrier perched on a log and 4 r w blackbirds.  Didn't see any 
short-eared owls but didn't stay there very long either.

Others have mentioned the paucity of sea birds in Long Island Sound.  One 
bird that seems to me very absent this year is the horned grebe.  Last year I 
remember how plentiful they were, for instance, one day I counted 12 in Jordan 
Cove in Waterford.  So far this year I have seen only one (Enders Island), and 
we had none in our portion of the New London area CBC on Sat.  It may simply be 
that I am not out birding as much this winter as I was last winter, but I'm 
interested in knowing if others are having the same impressions about  h. 

Carolyn Cimino

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