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Mon Jan 5 23:31:39 EST 2009

The winter water bird count in the Norwalk Island area has not been in to bad a shape.
Of course there are many oyster boats working the island chain, creating a nice chum slick, by stirring up all that bottom, lots of food. Hum? Guess those birds don't want to travel to far from the refrigerator?
Here are the Boat numbers from the Christmas Bird Count, from Alex Coffey and I, yes the White-wing Scoter count is high, it was absolutely incredible to see.
I hope to get out on the boat tomorrow to get another survey in, winds are finally subsiding.<30 mph. I do note less Gulls, but there seem to be more hunters this year?We'll see in another few weeks.
I've had a number of people asking "what are you seeing out there?" So I will try to share my reports more often.
Larry Flynn
Location:     Norwalk Islands
Observation date:     12/27/08
Number of species:     43

Brant     807
Canada Goose     52
Mute Swan     63
American Wigeon     9
American Black Duck     23
Mallard     29
White-winged Scoter     1136
Black Scoter     5
Long-tailed Duck     847
Bufflehead     60
Common Goldeneye     122
Red-breasted Merganser     189
Red-throated Loon     1
Common Loon     20
Horned Grebe     1
Double-crested Cormorant     1
Great Cormorant     9
Great Blue Heron     3
Sharp-shinned Hawk     1
Red-tailed Hawk     2
Peregrine Falcon     1
American Coot     2
Black-bellied Plover     36
Ruddy Turnstone     124
Sanderling     4
Purple Sandpiper     2
Dunlin     176
Bonaparte's Gull     1
Ring-billed Gull     65
Herring Gull     250
Great Black-backed Gull     26
Rock Pigeon     10
Downy Woodpecker     3
Northern Flicker     8
American Crow     4
Fish Crow     3
Carolina Wren     3
American Robin     2
Northern Mockingbird     2
European Starling     130
Song Sparrow     2
White-throated Sparrow     10
Northern Cardinal     10

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