[CT Birds] Banded Harrier and Can. Geese in Stratford

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 6 07:46:39 EST 2009

I was down at the shore in Statford yesterday following around the large juv. Red-tail who jumps from Lordship Blvd's trees to the GMM, and the light morph Rough-leg who seemingly does the same.
I walked to public interpretive trail before the RR tracks at GMM and had 3 raptors.... the Red-tail, the Rough-leg, and a absolutely huge female Harrier.  She was perched in a tree adjacent from where the path takes a hairpin turn ad goes back towards the small pond with the blind.
I took photos and when I zoomed in I saw a band on it's left leg.  I don't own a scope and my financial situation prevents me from getting a better zoom lens so I couldn't make out any writings.  Maybe someone with a scope can check out the female Harriers down there a little closer next time.
Also, as I was watching a flock of about 15 Savannah Sparrows jump in and out and around the chain-link fence in front of where the BT Grackles have been (right in the corner of the fences in front of the cell tower on the ground....4 Ipswich and at least 11 regular), I noticed that 6 of the Canadian Geese in the field (on the left of the cell tower) had yellow neck bands..... again, the same sitiation occured where my magnafication was too poor to make out any positive letters or numbers.  I do believe many started with 'E'.
-Brian Webster-
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