[CT Birds] scarcity of ducks

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Tue Jan 6 09:26:15 EST 2009

In response to duck scarcity here in CT:

Duck hunting of days past was a sport where the hunters respected the ducks they were shooting and their were plenty of ducks to go around for culling. But times have changed.

With ever more people today than before, and with much less habitat for the ducks to winter in, the odds have greatly changed. through the years, our CT shore has been continually developed with the loss of so much natural wetland habitat, there are only select areas left for wintering ducks to feed from and winter in. less habitat, more hunters equals not a sport anymore, but a situation of total harassment to the ducks who DEPEND on our remaining habitat to SURVIVE. They have no choice but to be here through years of learned evolution. 

Ducks have no choice - as we also, they need to eat every day. Time has given them an abundant source of food here on our shoreline to feed and winter at. But through human over population, we have encroached into and greatly reduced this once abundant habitat they solely depended on. I find it difficult to accept duck hunting at our shoreline under these man induced situations and still call it a sport. and yet it is still allowed to be so.

Paul  Carrier 

Nick Bonomo
> Orange, CT
> On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 6:15 AM, Tina and Peter Green <
> petermgreen at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> In response to Jamie Meyer's posting,I have seen and heard many,many duck
>> hunters(not the bird watching kind)this season.Could this be one
>> contributing factor? I wonder if the number of issued hunting licenses is up
>> this year.
>> Tina Green
>>  Westport

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