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Excellent feedback on duck stamp sales and hunters! It is also worth
noting that in addition to funds from the federal migratory bird hunting
stamps, which provide most of the revenue for purchasing national
wildlife refuge lands, most states such as Connecticut also have a
waterfowl hunting stamp requirement. In CT the State Duck Stamp
Committee oversees distribution of funds received from sale of state
stamps and prints in order to purchase key wetlands for waterfowl
conservation, and to help support management activities such as banding
waterfowl, installing duck nest boxes, installing or replacing water
control structures, and to help control invasive plants. These
activities and their results are often reported in CT Wildlife magazine.
Public support by purchase of these state and federal stamps is vital to
wetlands, waterfowl and aquatic wildlife conservation throughout

Jack Barclay
Storrs, CT

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More hunters?  If you actually look at the number of duck hunters the
trend has been down for almost two decades here in Connecticut.  The
simplest way to judge this is by the sale of the "duck stamps" (Federal
Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps).  This graph shows the
last eighty years or so.


Not that all sales of these stamps goes to hunters.  They should be an
annual purchase by birders who are interested in maintaining wetlands.
98 cents of every dollar used to purchase Duck Stamps goes directly to
buying or leasing wetland habitat for wildlife.  The decline in hunting
means a direct decline in those funds, so wouldn't it sound right for
birders to take up some of the slack?  They also act as a pass to all
the federal wildlife refuges that charge for entry such as Brigantine,
Bombay Hook, Ding Darling, and many, many more.  They go on sale each
July at many post offices, and are good through the end of the following
June.  None of the national refuges in CT require paying for admission,
but they all benefit from the sale of the stamps.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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