[CT Birds] scarcity of ducks

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Since I don't ever go birding at the sound, I can only speculate, but almost 
every weekend this fall and winter the wind has been coming from the south. 
Remember all those 60 degree days? If I were a bird I would find an 
alternate route with favorable wind. Does anyone have info on locations to 
the east (for sea ducks) or the west (for everyone else)?
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>I can never resist responding to this general type of discussion. As 
>someone who's written newspaper nature columns for many years, I often get 
>the generic question that follows along these lines:
> I had a lot of Species X at my feeder last year. I hardly have any this 
> year. Explain (in great detail, preferably with some globally cataclysmic 
> reason) why. (OK, maybe I just read the global cataclysm between the 
> lines).
> Anyway it's quite normal for people to observe something in their very 
> small sphere of operation and try to link it to much bigger phenomenon. 
> This is almost always impossible to do. As Dave Provencher noted, at the 
> very least we need to see what happens over several months before we can 
> draw any kind of conclusions about the winter in an area as large as Long 
> Island Sound. Even then, one winter does not a trend make. As various 
> responses to the orginal comment show, various people see different things 
> depending on where and when they're looking.
> As Dave or someone else pointed out, we need a lot of data over time. By 
> the way, it's now very easy for everyone to contribute to the accumulation 
> of this data by logging their sightings on eBird (check out eBird.com). 
> All sightings become part of a national database. The number of 
> Connecticut birders participating is increasing all the time. (All Larry 
> Flynn's great numbers from the Norwalk Islands are on there, for 
> instance).
> Greg Hanisek
> Waterbury
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