[CT Birds] Unfortunate Great Horned Owl

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Fri Jan 9 12:21:59 EST 2009

1/9 Hartford, Cedar Hill Cemetery  -   30+ PINE SISKIN. 

A Great Horned Owl was also seen being chased through the cemetery by crows. The owl and crows ended up in a small stand of hardwoods where a brief struggle was observed. The owl unfortunately got it's neck lodged between two branches and snapped it. The owl now hangs with dangling talons; just like the old west.  

A quick note on Western Meadowlark, about twelve years ago I had a meadowlark in the Farmington Meadows (late April) singing a perfect "western song" for about ten minutes. This bird sang the same song repertoire over and over again. Since I was a very much into listening to bird tapes (as I am still to this day),  I instantly recognized the song. I got caught up in it's song; listening for it to change into an eastern, but it never did. I finally pulled out my Peterson Guide to go over some field marks. As soon as I got a decent look (bird was sitting in field stubble) I did managed to see the yellow on the throat bleed a little onto the malar. That was it. The bird then flew to a nearby brush dump toward Tunxis Mead Park and was not relocated. To this day, I always remember that bird as the most intriguing sighting I ever had at the Farmington Meadows. As Chris Elphick mentioned, at the time, talk was that eastern's were fully capable of learning a western's song....so I was skeptical and not that vocal about reporting the sighting. 

Paul Cianfaglione


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