[CT Birds] winter duck survival

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Fri Jan 9 12:51:05 EST 2009

I couldn't agree more with Craig's reference to Duck Stamps, and how they have and do save wetlands all over this country. This is a great way to help preserve the wetlands we have that can still be saved. I contribute to Duck Stamps every year and feel it is a contribution to a very good cause.

But: Duck Stamps can not replace all the wetlands and marshes we have lost through the years along our coastlines, especially here in CT. These habitats are gone, and the ducks and waterfowl that depended on these crucial habitats for winter food and protection now have much less of this habitat to depend on for survival. Then add to this the pressures of allowed duck hunting within these few small isolated patches, it then becomes clear the ducks are not the ones who are benefiting. I am not against hunting, but when hunting interferes with the welfare of the game they are pursuing, in this case Ducks, then it no longer is a sport. 

Our marsh and wetland waterfowl who are here for the winter have no other choice. They must congregate in the remaining small habitats they can find that provide food and shelter. But when you ad to this the pressures of duck hunting, it becomes an added hardship to these winter residents which they can not afford. 

If you had but only one source for food, say your local grocery store, and had no other choice but to shop there, and within the parking lot were those with guns just waiting for you to come in - then you will know exactly what wintering ducks must endure. 

Paul Carrier      

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