Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 10 12:52:22 EST 2009

Well I finally had the first COMMON REDPOLL in with a flock of PINE SISKIN today at the feeder. This group of 60 Siskins grows and ebbs ever day, so I assume it is added and subtracted too daily. The ice is still persistent on our trees up here, which might be the reason these birds are wandering around for available food. Today is the first day some birch trees are semi free of ice so they can feed.

I also observed for the first time, a Siskin acting like a Chickadee.  
it first picked up a sunflower seed, flew up to a branch where it pecked it open as a Chickadee does, holding it with its feet. These sunflower seeds were a bit wet, and possibly made easier to open. 

Question: I wanted to post the Redpoll picture on this site, but don't know how to do so. Can someone clue me in on how to do this?

Thanks, Paul Carrier

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