[CT Birds] 2/16 - Windsor-Bloomfield Landfill; 1c THAYER'S GULL

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 17:28:24 EST 2009

Today birders were present at the landfill from morning until closing. Just
as we were running out of time, a first-cycle THAYER'S GULL showed itself
briefly on two occasions. Sadly I was the only person to get on the bird
before the gull flock took flight (despite some mighty quick stepping
through the mud on their part). Certainly a crummy feeling not being able to
share a potential state or life bird with those folks. No photos to show
this time either. The bird, very possibly the same one seen by Paul C over a
week ago, was a 'textbook' first-cycle individual, including an all-black
bill, entirely juvenile scapulars, and neat frosty edging to the
chocolate-brown primaries. Quite a striking bird despite the difficulty
surrounding this identification in general. Written details will be
submitted to the ARCC.

There was no sign of the Slaty-backed Gull. However the turnover at this
site continues throughout the day. If that Thayer's flew in just a couple
minutes later I would have never seen it.

>From Nick Bonomo and several others:
2/16 - Windsor, Windsor-Bloomfield Landfill -- first cycle THAYER'S GULL at
3:30pm, 4 "Kumlien's" ICELAND GULLS (3 first cycle, 1 dark-eyed adult).

Nick Bonomo
Orange, CT

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