[CT Birds] REDHEAD pair, Glaucous, Iceland

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 17 17:44:34 EST 2009

>From Frank Mantlik
2/17 Bridgeport, Captain's Cove (int. Yacht St. & St. Stephens Rd)- Pair REDHEADS.  Male amongst flock of 200 LESSER SCAUP behind dockside shops; female by itself around the boat docks. (male also seen today by Penny Solum).
2/17 Stratford, Long Beach - 1st-winter GLAUCOUS GULL continues.  This continues to be an incredibly reliable rarity.  I've probably made 25 trips here since late December, and I've seen it every time!
2/17 Milford, Oronoque Rd., town transfer station - 1st-winter ICELAND GULL landed on roof of building, with about 500 Herring gulls.

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