[CT Birds] Snowproofing feeders

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Tue Mar 3 13:09:40 EST 2009

Since there is too much snow to go very far, I thought I would  mention 
something which might be of interest or help to some of you.  I  have 2 platform 
feeders, one on my back porch railing and a smaller one on a  pole in the yard.  
The birds always loved them because they allow easy  access and give good 
visibility to be on the lookout for danger.  However,  when it rained the food 
got soaked, and when it snowed the food got  buried.  I pretty much solved the 
wetness problem by putting clear plastic  roofs over them, which protect the 
seed while still giving good light and  visibility.  However, in a snow storm 
with any kind of wind the seed would  still get covered, so this winter I made a 
set of removable plastic sides  to put up as storm shields when it snows.   
Its not perfect but it  works pretty well, and takes minimum effort since I 
have to go out to refill the  seed anyhow.  At least they give the birds a place 
they can get food  even in the middle of a storm.
Pics may be seen here:
The feeder on the porch really should have a snow shield for  the outside end 
as well, but  I put the feed up against the side with the  plastic and it 
stays pretty much clear.  When I put up the shields on the  pole feeder I turn it 
so the covered  sides face east and north.  Most  often it stays almost snow 
free.  The covers don't seem to be a problem for  the birds, I've never seen 1 
hit the tops, and they often sit on top  waiting their turns.  For a while I 
left the sides unmarked also, but after  watching a Blue Jay go 0 for 2 one 
day I put the tape on them as a  warning.  The jay swooped down and "bonk" 
bounced off 1 side, steadied  himself and flew around to the next side and "bonk" 
again.  Good thing jays  have hard heads.  Depending on the feeder you could 
put up 3 sides, but for  me its not necessary.  The plastic sheets come from 
Home 'Depot, Lowes, or  etc.  Drill holes for the screws VERY slowly and 
carefully or it will  crack.   If anyone needs more info let me know.
Don Morgan
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