[CT Birds] Pine Siskins

David Carey careydavid at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 4 09:59:03 EST 2009

They showed up at my feeders just the other day (here in Haddam).  At first I assumed they were just some more gold finch.  It was my 14 year old daughter that pointed out they were something different and a first for both of us.  So she got credit for adding to the life list we keep.  We must have between 50 and 75.  As someone else mentioned they are quite tame/bold.  When I go to refill the feeders, often (they eat like pigs), they just sit there and wait for me to finish.  One had the misfortune of running into my dining room window this morning.  I picked him/her out of the snow and after resting and warming up for about 15 minutes, in my hand, he took off to join his buds.  I understand I can't post pictures.  But he did go with me upstairs so I could get my camera and take some shots of him before he re-couped and took off.  They plow through thistle like Sherman through Atlanta... but I'm glad they picked our yard and we got a chance
 to see them.

Dave C.
Haddam, CT

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