[CT Birds] Siskin candy

Jim Zipp jimzipp at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 7 11:23:12 EST 2009

You are right Bev.  Both Siskins and Goldfinch just love hulled
sunflower... probably as much as nyjer.  They are all over every feeder
we have most of the day.... even the little caged feeder we have on our
barn right next to the back door where the titmice usually rule.  The
difference is that finches feed differently than chickadees, titmice
etc who dash in and out making way for the next bird.  Finches sit and
eat right there and don't usually move until either moving on or being
pushed off.  Becuase by and large finch are the only ones that prefer
nyjer they only have to compete with themselves and are rarely pushed
off by others wanting to feed so they have a place to eat with no
"outside competition".

I think that's why while anyone can get Goldfinch and other finches at sunflower, they are more likely to get them and keep them around longer when using nyjer as well.

Still have a boatload of Siskins who are getting noisier by the day and
eating 5lbs+ nyjer a day.  I suspect they will be pulling out soon but
hope to keep them for a while.  Still have a good number of Rusty
Blackbirds as well which is also a real treat and not something we
usually have.

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>From Bev Propen  3/7  Orange

My  25-55 Pine Siskins have been eating from my sunflower  hearts feeders all 
winter, as well as at the thistle feeder.  I didn't  realize it was anything 
unusual, although I realize that thistle appears to be  their favorite.
I have been using sunflower hearts for several years now,  because apparently 
all the shells and waste on the ground contributed to a  salmonella outbreak 
a few years ago.  I had sent 2 sparrow corpses for  necropsies and the finding 
was salmonella.  
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