[CT Birds] Mansfield Hollow FTA, good news and bad

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Mon Apr 6 12:44:09 EDT 2009

Last fall I was elated to find that the state had thinned the brush and  
cleared the wood roads in the MH Field Trial Area, as I was afraid the old  fields 
would be allowed to grow up to brush and immature woods. This morning I  have 
discovered that the state is back at it again. In the first field (as you  
walk in) they are busily cutting ALL the brush and grass down to ground level,  
and have left a few young white pines and cedars on which they have trimmed 
off  all the branches from ground level up to more than 6 feet. That field was 
the  best place I know to find Prairie Warblers and Field sparrows among many 
other  species, Including a family of Orchard Orioles last year. They appear to 
be  turning the area into a park. They were busily at work this morning. I 
have no  idea if they plan the same for the fields down the road towards the 
lake, but  judging by all the survey tape I'm sure they are planning to do 
something. I was  hopeful that with all the budget problems they would just leave 
things alone,  but they appear to have enough money and resourses to destroy 
some great  habitat.
I did manage to finally find a few migrants and other birds in the  fields 
nearer the lake:
4 Field Sparrows
2 Pine Warblers
2 Eastern  Phoebes
2 Northern flickers (M and F)
2 Ruby-crowned  Kinglets
Northern  Cardinals
RW Blackbirds
RT hawk
2 Buffleheads on the  lake

The 1 PM rain started at 10 AM so I didn't have much time to  explore.

Don  Morgan

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