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Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 7 08:48:31 EDT 2009

4/6/08, Stratford yard/neighborhood woods-
Yesterday, maybe 10 minutes before the rain started, my indoor cat escaped into the woods behind my house. I think she knew something I didn't....  on the walk back, 'we' saw a (first of year) Pine Warbler making his way through the trees and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker knocking away.  The Sapsucker was almost certainly just migrating through since the only other time I've seen one here was last fall migration and it is a mixed deciduous habitat.  The warbler wasn't singing, but it's very bright yellow caught my eye.  I haven;'t heard the Catbird in a few days.
Also, I still have 5-6 Siskins daily, with random jumps to 15-20. 
4/6, Stratford yard-
(1) Pine Warbler
(1) Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
(5) Pine Siskins
4/6, Flood Middle School Field-
(1) Killdeer calling (couldn't locate him...maybe on roof)
(3) Golden-crowned Kinglets in the trees/brush that borders the field
(213) American Robins in the rain.  They were almost perfectly spaced apart from one another.  Except for some dueling males, it looked like the birds were sprinkler heads on an irrigated field.  They all had their own little slice of feeding ground.
4/5, Stratford Seawall (morning high tide)-
(7-8) Northern Gannets flying in a low line towards Milford
(1) Common Loon
4/5, Great Meadows
(12) Great Egrets
(2) Killdeer
(3) Boat-tailed Grackles
(1) Swamp Sparrow (first of year)
(1) drake Gadwall in pond before going behind the buildings
I arrived about 20 minutes before sunrise and atleast 8 egrets were still roosting in the row of trees across the marsh from the buildings.  Before they left their roost, 4 more flew in at different times to forage in the filled pools.  There were also 5 more in the marsh (technically the same body of water as the Access Rd pond, just on the other side of Lordship Blvd) and 4 more scattered in the marsh on either side of the road.  2 were in the pool of water in front of the airport.  Funny, I missed the Snowys, but had a grand total of 21 Great Egrets.  I was too early for gulls, but it was a sight seeing them start to stream in with the sun at Long Beach.
4/5, Access Rd. pond-
(1) Pied-billed Grebe
Other birds in various areas were Green-winged teals, Mallards, Black Ducks, American Wigeon, Canada Geese, Red-tailed Hawks (3), 2 Turkey Vultures and a Great Blue Heron flying over head while I was driving down Long Beach Blvd.
4/5, Trap Falls Reservoir-

(2) Pied-billed Grebes
(9) Ruddy Ducks (all female except for one male about 200 yards away)
(2) Hooded Mergansers
(1) Fox Sparrow (under trees on the other side of the road)
4/5, Cranberry Bog (end of James Farm Rd.)-
(2) Bufflehead
(1) Sharp-shinned Hawk
4/4, Rt-15 & 8 from Sikorsky to Harbor Yard-
(8) Red-tailed Hawks
(3) Turley Vultures

That was the very windy day.  It seemed every lamp post and every thermal had a raptor in it. The vultures were seen over Beardsly Park pond.
4/3, Stratford Yard-
(1) gorgeous adult Cooper's Hawk munching on a MoDo
(11) Pine Siskins
(1) Ruby-crowned Kinglet at suet (perhaps the same one from Dec/Jan?)
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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