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Wed Apr 8 13:10:29 EDT 2009

>From Bev propen  4/8  Orange
Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford
10AM-12:30PM  ,  40 degrees, very high tide, cloudy  & windy
Our osprey has laid her first egg on April 6th (same date as  last year)!  
Very pretty pinkish with brown speckling.
The male was eating his fish on & off all morning, either  on the nest or 
on the perch.  Female got up to stretch and egg shuffle a  few times.
On the marsh were 13 Mute swans, 14 American Black ducks, 11  American 
Wigeons, 150+ Green winged teals, 30 buffleheads, 2 Mallards, 6  Gadwalls, 
Canada geese, cormorants, ring billed & herring gulls.  On  the grounds-mourning 
doves, grackles, house sparrows,2 cardinals, 1 mockingbird,  2 song 
sparrows,  1 Brown headed cowbird, crows, red  winged blackbirds, robins.
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