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weatherwizard at comcast.net weatherwizard at comcast.net
Tue May 19 09:56:12 EDT 2009

I am new to the site, but not new to birding. My wife and I combine hiking, with our love for birding. This weekend we were treated to a pair of american redstarts at Bluff Point in Groton, one of our favorite birding walks. We also saw several towhee's as well along the walk. We also happened upon a dead horseshow crab, with a US Fish and Wildlife services tag, that we reported. We have several feeding stations, that have drawn carolina wrens, bluebirds,and even a red-breasted nuthatch. We walk at Haddam Meadows every evening, and have been treated to a pair of brown thrashers, a baltimore oriole, several piping plovers, a kingfisher, evening grosbeak, and orchard oriole over the past 2 weeks. We also had a pileated woodpecker in the late winter, carving his niche on the row of pines that abut our property in Moodus. Hope everyone is enjoying the primetime birding season, and hope you come across some amazing birds!

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