[CT Birds] behind Cabela's: Bobolink, E. Meadowlark

Florence McBride j.mcbride at yale.edu
Tue May 19 12:28:33 EDT 2009

May 18, East Hartford, behind Cabela's
 From mid-morning to early afternoon, we had 26 species, including 
American Kestrel (2), Eastern Meadowlark, and Bobolink, but no Upland 
Sandpipers or Grasshopper Sparrows.

A heads-up that might be helpful to others who want to bird these 
fields:  Seeing the extensive fields off to the right in back of 
Cabela's, we initially drove around the building to the right and 
down to what looked like a lower parking area.  We of course didn't 
go inside the P&W / U. Tech fence -- in fact we didn't even get near 
it.  We were just getting set up when a man who turned out to be a 
U.Tech security person drove up and said it was "private property" 
and told us to leave.   Incidentally, there were no signs indicating 
that the public should keep out of that area.  Explaining what we 
were doing didn't help, and he said there wasn't anyone we could call 
for permission -- we had to leave.  So of course we went to the back 
of the store's parking lot and birded from there.

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