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Wed May 20 11:06:36 EDT 2009

5/20, Stratford yard
Just a few moments ago a small flock (3-4) of swallows were circling over head and flying about.  They looked large compared to the Rough-wings that are around often.  I ran inside to grab my binoculars and only one was left, but it was a Purple Martin.  A new yard bird for me.  I wonder where it was heading??  I know there is a martin/swallow house a mile or so north near the Cranberry Bog... maybe.  Soon after, the whole group came back, and while looking at a striking male in the sky I noticed some Chimney Swifts one level up in the sky in my field of view.
Other birds seen and heard around 10am or so included Wood Thrush, RB Grosbeak, Chipping Sparrow, a singing Redstart, and a Blue-winged Warbler that seems to enjoy his alternate song more-so than his regular song.  The one that has like 3-5 buzzy notes before going into the usual 2 part buzzy-ness.  A nice little break from yard work! (unfortunately Irises droop and those asters won't prune themselves!)
Also, yesterday I had the pleasure of watching 2 pairs of Baltimore Orioles figure out who is going to be with whom, and who is going to nest where.  And finally..... someone was interested in my birdhouse I put up in a small tree in my condo complex...   a jubilant male House Wren was singing in each tree leading up to the one with the house, then popped down near it, and began singing in that tree for a while.  I just put the house up 3 days ago (was busy, then in VT) and I was almost positive it was too late for any takers.  Lets hope the wren didn't already have a house and was just haning out near mine!
5/20, Stratford yard-
(5-8) Purple Martins flying/hawking overhead
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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