[CT Birds] Looking for help

Larry Nichols lvn600 at hotmail.com
Wed May 20 20:17:08 EDT 2009

I discovered three nestling crows in my yard after a night and morning  
of cawing- One nestling was dead - the other two begging for food.  
Mouths open, following, no cawing or noise at all. Neither can balance- 
except for in a "sitting" on the ground position- not balancing. It  
appears that the hen is cawing in the trees above- I left them alone  
until just before dusk last night- when I fed them water. It was in  
the high 80's here yesterday. Same behavior today. I gave them water  
this morning and finally fed them a mashed hard boiled egg (no shell)  
and bird replacement food mixed with water around 1:30 this  
afternoon.  After being fed, they stopped begging and huddled into a  
more "resting" posture. I have left them on the ground at this point.
Advice? Where to go from here?
My only experience is raising canaries/finches...  thus, the bird  
replacement food and knowledge of the egg.
Thank you.

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