[CT Birds] Mockingbird sounds....

Tammy Eustis teustis at killingworthlibrary.org
Fri May 22 10:58:05 EDT 2009

A few years ago, I heard a mockingbird do a dead-on impression of a car alarm - one of those with all the whoops, buzzers, and warbles. This was in the parking lot of the movie theater by Westbrook Outlets, so I'm sure he heard the sound most every day. Funny, and very impressive!
- Tammy Eustis, Chester
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5/22- Yesterday my resident Mockingbird threw out a call that confused me a bit. It was a dead ringer for the trill of a Tree Frog. It was the first call in his series of 30+ (a few wweks ago I tried to count and messed up around 31). Then again late late last night (1:40a) I heard him singing softly. I've heard Mockingbirds sing at night, but he made the Tree Frog sounding call again. Has anyone ever heard of Mockingbirds immitating the sounds of non-birds?? -Brian Webster- Stratford, CT b.webster at hotmail.com _________________________________________________________________ Hotmail® goes with you. http://windowslive.com/Tutorial/Hotmail/Mobile?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_WL_HM_Tutorial_Mobile1_052009 _______________________________________________ This list is provided by the Connecticut Ornithological Association (COA) for the discussion of birds and birding in Connecticut. For subscription information visit http://lists.ctbirding.org/mailman/listinfo/ctbirds_lists.ctbirding.org 

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