[CT Birds] warbler ID assistance, yesterday at Roosevelt

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sat May 23 07:54:10 EDT 2009

5/23, Stratford yard/woods (Hickory Woods)-
Still (again) have a huge flock of Waxwings in most of the trees around my condos.  I heard the whistling/buzzy/chirpy calls overhead... then at least 45 flew over.  I counted 39 when they flew over, missing several.  They were here all day yesterday, and a few made their way the 1.5m or so north to Roosevelt Forest.
Also, as soon as I came out I and an un-identified warbler singing just inside the woods.  It sounded a whole lot like a Hooded Warbler, but the song was shorter.... it was just like the second part of the sound file on allaboutbirds.com.  
It is written as, 'ta-wait, ta-wit, ta-wit, tee-yo'.  'My' bird only gave the 'tee-yo
.  But it was spot on.  I know birds break up their calls, have alternates and such.... has anyone heard just that bit of a Hooded Warbler's song?  There is also the possibility that I couldn't hear the quieter beginning part.  It sang this about 5-10 times in a matter of 3-5 minutes before it stopped.  I couldn't locate the bird before, or after.
5/23, Stratford yard/woods-
(40+) Cedar Waxwings
(1) Pine Siskin
5/22, Roosevelt Forest in Stratford (4:45-7:20p)-
My hike at Roosevelt eventually turned nice once a 'cop' stopped blasting off the loudest rifle I've ever heard.  
I was under the impression that the range there was 1) for pistols only (at least the sign says Pistol Range)... and 2) that police only use it for training/practicing their WORK weapons.  I highly doubt that 'cop' uses a 12g very often during the course of his duty.  (Cop is in quotations because it was the one who 'works' at Flood Middle School.  I can't picture him using a 12g there very often).  
So once they emptied a box of shells (I stopped counting shots at 50), my ears stopped ringing, and the birds came back.... it was OK.
(7) Veerys
(3) Wood Thrush
(2) Swainson's Thrush
(2) Hermit Thrush
(10+) Scarlet Tanagers
(2) Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
(X) Catbirds
(2) Carolina Wrens acting nest-like
(8) Goldfinch
(3) Swamp Sparrows
(5) Chipping Sparrows
(1) Yellow-rumped Warbler
(5) Common Yellowthroats
(3) Ovenbirds
(1) American Redstart (male)
(1) Canada Warbler**
(1) Wilson's Warbler**
(1) Northern Waterthrush**
(1) Great Crested Flycatcher
(2) Eastern Wood-Pewees
(1) Least Flycatcher (Boy Scout trail near lean-tos)
(2) Eastern Phoebes
(1) Pileated Woodpecker (heard)
(6) Cedar Waxwings
(4) Red-eyed Vireos
(1) Yellow-throated Vireo (gasline cut)
**  These 3 warbler species were in a small wave near the bridge over the river by the Boy Scout Trail.  The Boy Scout trail comes to an end by a sign that says, 'Trail Ends'....  these species were there, plus a few more and many thrushes.  (By the way.... the trail doesn't really end there).
I saw my first Green Frog and Northern Water snake of the year as well.
I also found a Great Blue Heron carcass in the woods, rather far from any water.  There is a marshy/wetland area a few hundred yards from where I found it, but that rarely has anything other than a Green Heron (which suprisingly haven't made an appearance yet at Roosevelt).  It was about 25 feet in the woods, off of the gasline cut.  The skull was missing and I have a hard time believing it got there naturally.

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