[CT Birds] Branford River & Sandy Pt.

MARIA STOCKMAL m.stockmal at snet.net
Sun May 24 18:04:30 EDT 2009

On the complement of the Branford River, I have a Blackpoll Warbler seen and singing for two days, a Amer. Redstart seen today, a Willow Flycatcher singing today, and Common Yellowthroat and Yellow Warblers nesters the area.  Also, a Baltimore Oriole is nesting in the area.
Sandy Pt.  It looks like there may be seven pairs of Piping Plovers nesting this year.  Migration has picked up with about 36 Dunlin, up to 300 peeps, two Short-billed Dowitchers, about 30 Ruddy Turnstones, and a small flock of Sanderlings and Black-bellied Plovers.  Cormorants were flying through, about 50 Brant still there, and an Osprey nest on the structure at the end of the rocks, three pairs of Oystercatchers, about six Common Terns and 20 Least Terns.  It was looking more like Milford Pt.  
There have been many changes to Sandy Pt. and the area is so beautiful now.  The number of birds in each species I saw today has increased over the last two or three years of observations and was more consistent the with beginning years when I first started monitoring.  
I reported a Bald Eagle dive bombing an Osprey.  Today I spotted an Osprey nest on a high pole across Vaiuso Farms and before exit 53 on I95N.
Maria Stockmal

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