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Sun May 24 19:25:07 EDT 2009

from John and Rebecca Ogren-
5/24 Old Saybrook, Plum Bank Marsh- on the backside (N.E. corner) 
of marsh, most visible from Tudor Court West- 4 adult LITTLE BLUE HERON, 3 im. LITTLE BLUE HERON, at least 1 SEASIDE SPARROW, 4 SALT-MARSH SPARROW.
In response to Brian Websters report on Red Foxes.(also one of my favorite mammals),  I have noticed that at this time of year, especially when the female is stressed out due to her effort in  providing for her pups, she will look awful, to the extent that she looks diseased and is losing fur. She will also become unafraid and start hunting during the day- which also would lead one to believe the animal has rabies. In the animals I have observed, once a few months have passed, and the litter is fending for itself, the female looks much healthier and regains her fear of humans.

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