[CT Birds] Sunday May 24th Big Day nets 177...

David Tripp Jr dtrippjr at comcast.net
Mon May 25 13:22:20 EDT 2009

Old New Jersey WSB team mates: Dave Tripp, Fran Zygmont, Frank Gallo and
Patrick Dugan, hooked back up with the addition of Nick Bonomo, to make a
run for the state's record 186 in a single 24-hour period.

24 hours later, driving 431 miles from the central Connecticut marsh lands
and grasslands to the Northwest Hills to the coast between Stratford and Old
Lyme and back, the team listed 177 species under the ABA rules of a Big Day.
It is the second highest list reported for a Connecticut Big Day.

Greg and Ed, your record is safe for another year.

We had 131 heading for the coast with five night misses that we would try
for again (got only one)! The record was in our sights. Hairy Woodpecker and
Pine Siskin were the two biggest staked out north daytime misses.

Then one of Murphy's buddies showed up on Route 8 as the high tide was
nearly peeking. There we were, five birders working as a team changing a
driver's side rear flat. It looked like the pit crew at a Nascar race.
Refuel and air check, we were off.

Hot and slow on the coast, we ticked common shorebirds including the
Glaucous Gull that was still on Long Beach. Middle Beach added Purple
Sandpipers. I pulled out the iPhone to check the weather and there were
tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings!! We needed to get to Hammo before
the storms hit. Hammo added the King Eider and Little Blue Heron. We missed
the Tricolored Heron and White-winged Scoters. Ouch! A quick look revealed
that the record was safe, we still wanted to be in the 180's. Brown Thrasher
was the last bird of the day before a night flyover Gray-cheeked Thrush as
the hour was nearing.

A complete bird list with town locations soon to follow.

Go to Nick's blog for more info on the day's progression.

Dave Tripp
Canton, CT

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