[CT Birds] Bakerville swamp, new hartford

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Wed May 27 22:11:39 EDT 2009

A quick trip to Bakerville swamp, New Hartford at 4:00 today, Wed 27th produced - 

both WILLOW and ALDER Flycatcher with little else. 
BUT......... I did get a fiver of Swallows as Jay Kaplan did in Collinsville.

Barn, Bank, Rough-wing, Tree and Cliff.

Swallows were everywhere! I never saw so many Swallows in one place before. 
The one CLIFF SWALLOW I did see was perched out in the swamp, and when I 
focused on it, it looked a bit different. The forehead was not white but buffy. This
bird also appeared light overall. I put the scope on it and thought at first it possibly 
could be a Cave Swallow. What made me think not was the dark throat, but Sibley's
later showed some Cave Swallows have dark throats. I am use to clinching a Cliff by
it's white forehead patch, and this birds was buffy. 

Question:  Have any Cave Swallows ever been seen here in the north east
 in the Spring? Not saying it was one, but from what I saw, it possibly
looked like it could have been. 

Paul Carrier

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