[CT Birds] Wilson's Phalarope? at Hammo

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Thu May 28 21:40:04 EDT 2009

5/28  11:30 AM  low tide, in new marshy area on right just before East Beach 
Parking area, I saw a bird I've never seen before and believe it to be a 
WILSON'S PHALAROPE.  Looked like the field guide pic, was very active 
feeding with extended neck and bill, darting everywhere both in the water 
and in the grass, larger than the semipalmated plovers and smaller than the 
killdeer which were near it.  Hopefully someone can relocate it tomorrow?
Also saw the stunning Golden Pheasant on Willard's Island and the KING EIDER 
at Meigs Point and SEASIDE and SALT MARSH SHARP-TAILED sparrows and both the 
Immature and Adult LITTLE BLUE HERONS.
PURPLE MARTINS were in the martin house at the Nature Center and also about 
a dozen resting on the big rock in the pond across the road.

Jan Collins, Somers

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