[CT Birds] Wilson's Phalarope at Hammo

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Thu May 28 22:18:48 EDT 2009

The behavior description is perfect for Wilson's Phalarope, and the seasonal 
timing is also very good. Late May-early June has produced plenty of records 
of this species in the Northeast.


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> 5/28  11:30 AM  low tide, in new marshy area on right just before East 
> Beach Parking area, I saw a bird I've never seen before and believe it to 
> be a WILSON'S PHALAROPE.  Looked like the field guide pic, was very active 
> feeding with extended neck and bill, darting everywhere both in the water 
> and in the grass, larger than the semipalmated plovers and smaller than 
> the killdeer which were near it.  Hopefully someone can relocate it 
> tomorrow?
> Also saw the stunning Golden Pheasant on Willard's Island and the KING 
> EIDER at Meigs Point and SEASIDE and SALT MARSH SHARP-TAILED sparrows and 
> both the Immature and Adult LITTLE BLUE HERONS.
> PURPLE MARTINS were in the martin house at the Nature Center and also 
> about a dozen resting on the big rock in the pond across the road.
> Jan Collins, Somers
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