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Fri May 29 14:29:56 EDT 2009

This morning, had a late OLIVE SIDED FLYCATCHER at Bakerville Swamp
in New Hartford. But not much else cept the regulars.

Also of note, if you like Chipmunks.
 In the yard here in Harwinton, we have many Chipmunks. I was sitting on
 the deck watching a pair of them with the male chasing the female all over 
the yard. Eventually after about 5 minutes of chassing, they ended up in a
 flower pot on the deck and did their affectionate spring thing. BUT. 
What i thought was the male chassing the female, was in fact the female
 that was chasing the male. Proof was in the act, and the one I thought
 was the male,(larger with lighter coloring), was indeed the female. 

Sorta maybe a Phalarope kind of thing?  Go figure.............

Paul Carrier  

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