[CT Birds] "Babe" revealed

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I agree with all but one of you who said Scarlet  Tanager.   There was a 
male hopping around the trees in the area,  although he never went within 50 
feet of the nest.  At first I thought she  was a bit small but its hard to 
tell 40 feet up in a tree.  I should have  known that was way too easy for 
this bunch.  Next time you get the out of  focus photos!!  (At least there will 
be lots more of them). Interestingly,  right in the same spot I heard at 
least 4 Cerulean Warblers - that's why I  stopped there.  
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Saw this nest on River Road in Kent while looking for  (and  finding!!) the 
Cerulean Warbers.   My initial  impression during the 1  fleeting glimpse I 
got of her off the nest was  brownish on top and at least  partially yellow 
underneath.  With  the filtered light through the  leaves I wasn't sure of 
anything.   Bird appeared about the size of an  oriole.  I have an idea 
what it  
is since I saw a male in the area, but I'll  keep it under wraps til  
tries a guess.  
Here's the  link:


Don  Morgan

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