[CT Birds] Adding my 2 cents, pretty soon we will have a big pot

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Jun 1 08:43:30 EDT 2009

I think the Cabelas discussion is getting a little  overblown.  I was there 
last week twice, once alone on Wednesday (in the  rain) and on Friday with 
lots of other birders.  I only saw one person who  went beyond the pond 
area, and as many have said, generally the birds were quite  viewable from the 
area between the parking lot and the pond.   I don't  think access has been a 
real issue at all.  While I was there no one  hassled anyone or even looked 
in our direction as far as I know.  The  question about the destruction of 
the habitat is a legitimate one, but, in fact,  I suspect that no one at 
either Cabelas or Pratt has a clue these birds are  there, and they are just 
trying to keep the area tidy looking.  It might  well be worth contacting 
Cabela's management and asking if they could let things  go a bit, but I don't 
think flooding mailboxes will help.  That tends to  get people Tee'd off.   
Just letting them know they have something  special there might be enough.  
Even though I'm sure Mark is right that  ultimately the area will be 
developed, perhaps the area currently on our side of  the fence is part of Cabela's 
parcel and could be preserved. 
Clink, clink - dropping pennies in pot.
Don Morgan
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