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Mon Jun 1 10:22:48 EDT 2009

>From Bev Propen  6/1  Orange
I had a very nice, cordial discussion with William Fick from  Cabela's this 
morning.   He explained to me that Cabela's only owns  the property 
immediately adjacent to the parking area and the rest of the  property they lease 
from Rentschler Field Development Corp.  Rentschler is  supposed to 
"maintain" the property to look respectable.  The pond is only  a "retension basin" 
or run off pond.  He was very receptive to the idea of  discussions regarding 
preservation of habitat of whatever he can do.  I  mentioned that birders 
were concerned about the preservation of  habitats
for grassland birds.  Also that anything he could do to  help out the 
grasshopper sparrow & upland sandpiper habitat would be much  appreciated and 
could boost his business too (the carrot).
I explained that I am just a private citizen birder.  But  if any larger 
group is interested in discussions with Rentschler Field  Development Corp. 
Cabela's, he was very open.  I mentioned that sometimes  people are just 
not even aware of the bigger picture.
So that is my 2 cents.  
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