[CT Birds] Fields?

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Mon Jun 1 12:51:32 EDT 2009

Hi Folks

Why are people so concerned about grassland birds in Connecticut?

Connecticut is part of the eastern deciduous forest where grasslands  
are an anomaly. Under "natural" conditions they are the result of  
fire (natural and man made) and flooding (including beaver meadows).  
When they are created they are subject to succession and have a short  
life time.

The only reason fields are in Connecticut now, is as an artifact of  
past farming. Every species found in our “Grasslands” is far more  
common elsewhere. It seems to me that we are artificially  
constructing and maintaining these “Grasslands” to keep token  
populations for the benefit of bird-watchers.

A more relevant problem for me is the fragmentation of our woodlands  
which has been well studied. I have never been to this Cabela Field,  
but I would guess that it might be better used as a bottom land  
forest, restoring habitat that is likely rare.

Dennis Varza

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