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Mon Jun 1 17:23:32 EDT 2009

This reply came from Jenny Dickson  at CT DEP.  Thanks  Jenny.

The Suffield property will be managed as Wildlife Management Areas  in
both States. CT has completed removal of old wire, tobacco netting  and
posts. We have also completed removal of old tanks of all manner  of
shapes, sizes and purposes. Other site clean-up work will continue  over
the summer. 

This summer we will be doing point count surveys for  grassland birds.
(We already have nesting populations of grasshopper and  savannah
sparrows, a great blue heron rookery, and kestrels hunt the fields.)  We
are planning to do detailed evaluation of all the wildlife resources  up
there over this summer so that we do not inadvertently manage for  one
species at the expense of another. We will be doing amphibian  and
reptile surveys and extensive invertebrate inventories.  Actual
alteration/manipulation of vegetation will not occur until after  the
assessment has been completed. Until this field work has been  completed
and the other on-site hazards addressed, the CT portion will be  closed
to the public. This will also allow the birds to nest with  little

MA had fewer issues to address initially. They  were able to get all the
wire, posts and netting removed last fall, repaired  much of the ATV
damage on their side, and had the area open for pheasant  hunting last

Down the road, both states will be considering  things like kestrel boxes
or barn owl boxes, modification of a barn for bat  roosting, etc. Both
states greatly appreciate the interest to birding  community has in
insuring the success of this remarkable property and look  forward to
seeing it reach its full potential in the very near  future.

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