[CT Birds] Ct endangered species lawsand Cabela's

Sunshine sunny19682 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 1 19:51:36 EDT 2009

> Sorry if I annoyed anyone.  Maybe if we all get mad enough we won't let 
> this happen again.  Maybe.
> Mark

I have been on this particular list since its inception and only TWICE have 
I actually gone out to track down birds (the Snowy Owl and the Purple 
Gallinule) - I was unsuccessful with one but successful with the other.  For 
the most part, I don't chase birds - I don't faithfully keep a life list - 
sure, it's nice to look back on what I have seen but most of all the birds 
have been seen on my own property (one of which I did share with the public 
and am happy I did - I got to meet many of you who post here regularly) or 
on publicly accessible lands.  Do I want to go see the grassland birds? 
 No - I won't be traveling there purposely to see them.  My concerns over 
this whole situation is the very fact that we as a species wait until it is 
too late to do something about the loss of critical habitats.  It all boils 
down to money and greed and every day we loose another species to our 
actions.  Biodiversity has been severely impacted by human activity and 
continues to suffer.

I posted a short time back about the fact that we shouldn't wait until 
critical habitats are to be paved over - we do need to think about how the 
future of our planet will be healthier with plenty of thriving species 
besides us.  We do need to get mad, as Mark says - because only then do 
things get done.  We should all be mad at us human beings collectively as a 
species for the damage we have done to this planet.  We will not be around 
for all eternity - we are not the pinnacle of evolution - far from it. 
Planet Earth will be here thriving once we are all gone and stopped from 
doing further harm to this planet.

What do we do to stop the continued damage - the loss of habitats and 
species?  We need to take ownership of the planet as a whole - not for the 
money it can line our pockets with but with the wealth of life this planet 
can sustain.  We should be banding together for only in great numbers are 
voices heard... but we should keep focus in mind - it shouldn't be the 
selfish view of being able to tick off another species but on preserving 
habitats and biodiversity for in the end we will benefit from being able to 
know that these troubled species can benefit from positive actions to save 
them BEFORE then end up in such trouble that it is too late.  We need to 
find ways to push the idea to all that we need to be proactive in habitat 
preservation for what affects the plants, animals, insects, and microbes 
does in the end effect us - we ARE part of the circle of life.

Donna Lorello

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