[CT Birds] Sandy Point

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Tue Jun 2 13:48:13 EDT 2009


I went over to Long Beach in Stratford  after our trip to Sandy Point  this 
morning and there were probably about 35 or more Least Terns flying  around 
between the western end of the parking lot and the beginning of the  
cottages. Many of them were carrying minnows in their bills and seemed to be  pair 
bonding with females. it looks hopeful at Long Beach and it seems that  
they are just beginning to select mates and establish nests. Maybe it is not 
too  late for Sandy Point after all. Terns may just be behind schedule this  
There were 7 White-rumped Sandpipers at Sandy Point in West Haven and  3 
more at Long Beach in Stratford
Charlie Barnard Jr.

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