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Wed Jun 3 13:41:54 EDT 2009

>From Bev Propen  6/2  & 6/3   Orange
6/2  Connecticut Audubon coastal center
at 8:30AM the male osprey was on the perch with a fish.   He brought it to 
the female and from 9-9:30AM he was feeding the female and the  chicks.
1 Purple Martin preening on Martin house.
6/3  Sunny, 70, high tide receding.
At 10AM the female osprey was on the nest. A third osprey  comes through 
the marsh occasionally and the female began calling loudly.   When the stray 
osprey landed on her male's perch, she left the nest (with 3  chicks in it) 
and chased off the 3rd osprey.  At 10:45AM  the male  brought a fish to the 
nest.  Female was feeding all 3 chicks (I could see  their heads over the 
edge of the nest).  Male was on perch and he flew to  chase off the third 
osprey again.  at 11:40-11:45AM the female was in the  marsh water, bathing.  I 
guess things get kind of stinky, feeding fish to  the chicks all morning.  
male was guarding the nest.
On the marsh were 9 Great egrets, 2 snow egrets, 20 mute  swans, herring & 
ring billed gulls,  about 20 "peeps" flew by.   Redwinged blackbirds, 
grackles, starlings , house sparrows, 2 cardinals,  mourning doves, 1 barn swallow 
fly over, 1 mockingbird, 1  catbird.
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