[CT Birds] MISSISSIPPI KITES, Great Pond, Simbury

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Thu Jun 4 18:16:41 EDT 2009

I saw 2 MISSISSIPPI KITES  twice in about an hour and a  half at Great Pond 
SF today. I was there from about 2:30 to 4:15 pm.  About  20 minutes after 
I arrived I saw 2 birds playfully stooping and circling each  other.  1 went 
below the treeline after a few seconds, but the second  circled long enough 
for me to get my scope on it for about a minute.    Almost an hour later I 
saw the 2 birds again in about the same  location. First 1 appeared and I 
watched with my scope for about 5  minutes, when a second bird joined it.  The 
2 continued to slowly circle  for at least another five minutes or more, 
when 1 dropped behind the  treeline again followed shortly by the other.  
The second time the birds were somewhat closer than the first,  but I don't 
think they were ever naked eye visible.  They stayed off to the  northwest 
of the pond, and never came close enough to be over the  pond.   Where they 
dropped down is in the general direction of where  the Kites nested last 
year, but I don't know the area and have no real idea how  far away that would 
be.  I stopped by the spot where they nested last year  but saw no sign of 
them. I saw Roger Preston leaving as I arrived, and he said  the birds had 
been seen at the house but showed no real signs of nesting  intentions.  He 
also said they had not been seen in about a week, and he  did not see them 
today, but they are obviously still in the area.  
Also seen and heard:
1 Green heron
1 Great Blue heron
1 Red-shouldered Hawk
1 immature Bald Eagle
1 Turkey Vulture
Great Crested Flycatchers
Cedar Waxwings
Don Morgan
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