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Fri Jun 5 10:43:03 EDT 2009

About Turkeys - 

here in northwest Ct, the turkey is seemingly becoming abundant. They seem to be everywhere, and in good numbers. Haven't kept numbers, but they are surely more of them than I've seen ever. 

HOWEVER !!! ............................

The pausity of RUFFED GROUSE in our State is shocking!
 With the scarcity of sightings reported on this site, and my own lack of sightings for a bird that was once considered common or abundent here in CT is alarming! 

I am shocked then, when i see that the State still has the RUFFED GROUSE listed as a game bird that can be hunted here in CT!  Does the State Wildlife people not see the scarcity of this species here in our State, and if they don't see it, or even do, why is this bird still allowed to be hunted here? 

I would like someone who knows more about this situation to please reply here on this site and tell all of us exactly what is going on and why!  

concerned for the Grouse - Paul Carrier, Harwinton.

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