[CT Birds] Birding By Ear Workshop

ELKINS, Kenneth kelkins at audubon.org
Sun Jun 7 11:46:18 EDT 2009

This morning's Birding By Ear workshop was quite successful.  From my checklist, we observed 70 species at the Bent of the River, not all of them by sound, but almost all of them!  Highlights included 2 counter-singing Winter Wrens, Orchard Orioles, and just the amazing show of colorful birds in the Cedar Fields:  it seemed like we were surrounded by Prairie Warblers, Blue-winged Warblers, Indigo Buntings, Scarlet Tanager and Baltimore Orioles.

I just completed an eBird checklist for the walk.  We can now share eBird checklists:  If any of you on the walk have your own eBird account I can share this checklist so that it goes directly into your eBird records, without creating duplicate observations in the database.  You can adjust the checklist after I send it to you, either with more or less birds, and Cornell will count the highest total of each species in their official count.  Please email me offline at kelkins at audubon.org with the email address and/or username that you use for eBird.  And I'll share the copy for you.

If you don't use eBird yet, I can also email you a copy of the checklist.

Good birding,

Ken Elkins
Education Program Manager
Audubon Center at Bent of the River
185 East Flat Hill Road
Southbury, CT 06488
kelkins at audubon.org

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