[CT Birds] Kent (Sunday)

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 8 07:35:49 EDT 2009

6/7, River Road/Skiff Mtn. Rd- Kent-
River Road (7:00a-10:15a)-
(Only River Road, I turned around at the AT)
(5) Cerulean Warblers (onyl 2 seen)
(4) Worm-eating Warblers (only one seen)
(x) American Redstarts (wow....)
(2) Yellow Warblers
(1) Black-and-white Warbler
(4) Ovenbirds*
(4) Baltimore Orioles
(x) Scarlet Tanagers
(x) Veery
(11) Wood Thrush
(3) Common Raven
(1) Common Merganser
(3) Red-eyed Vireos
(1) Blue-headed Vireo
(1) Yellow-throated Vireo
(1) Sharpie
(2) Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers
Also a ton of Yellowthroats and Catbirds (especially in the tall ferns about half way down), 6 woodpeckers, several Tree and Bank swallows, a few Kingbirds and a noisey Kingfisher.  Redstarts absolutely everywhere.  One stretch had about 6 different songs going, all Redstarts.  
There was a momma mallard with at least 5 little ducklings swimming around when the Sharpie came diving out of nowhere.  The mom shoved up onto her legs and flapped and quacked and made a splash to try and scare it away.  The sharpie seemes put off and then landed in a tree and called for a few minutes.
One Ovenbird was totally consumed in his business that he walked (I love watching a warbler walk) no more than 3 feet away from my feet.  He had a bright green caterpillar in his bill and seemed determined to get it back to the fam.  I thought the leaf rustling was a chipmonk or toad because of how close it was.  I checked it out, he checked me out and just kept on walking.
I also came across a few Red-spotted Purple butterflies, and what I think might be a Virginia White. (They are there, right?)  And there were some very obnoxious toads (and 2 beagles).
Skiff Mtn. Rd., Kent (10:20a)-
(3) Bobolinks  (finally... lifer!)
(2) Killdeer
(1) Black Vulture w/TVs
If you drive past the River Road and follow the nice forest road to the top of the hill it opens up into a really nice grassy/field area.
Skiff Mtn. Rd. under RT-341 bridge (11:15a)-
(3) Cliff swallows with other swallow species  (also a lifer)
On the way on RT-7 (it is sooo nice not to have to stop at that one-lane 15 minute red light on RT-7 anymore!) I was suprised to see about 4 crows harrasing a fawn.  It was so small, looked barely able to walk.  It was out in the open in a field and the crows were dive bombing it and standing next to it squaking.  Has anyone ever heard of this behavior?  Maybe the fawn was injured/dying?  I didn't see any adults around.
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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